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Portfolio of ZestXT Corp


With experience spanning over a decade, team @ZestXT Corp has delivered mutlitude of large-scale projects in various service delivery domains globally catering to clients across the world, let's have a look at few of our key projects



Direct Deposit Rollout for Scholarship Disbursements

One of the best experiences we had was for development of Government Direct Deposit Portal for scholarships rollout for provincial students, both pre-&post-matric. This entire project was delivered using Agile Methodologies whereby the entire release was distributed into 12 Sprints, each of 2 weeks. We had 3 Scrum teams comprising of Product Owner, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, UI/UX Developers, Software Developers & QA cum Database Administrators collectively as primary team members of these scrum teams. Project Managers, e-Governance SMEs, Domain Cross-Functional Stakeholder Groups, Sr. Government officials, Secretaries to Premier from Education, Science & Technology, Revenue, Finance & General Administration departments, Chief Secretary to Premier as well as Premier and external Banking & Financial Institutions were additional set of stakeholders engaged in this project. The project schedule was set by the province with a years' timeline for GO-Live and scope included complete process automation of scholarships disbursement process demanding total digital transformation from manual to online mode of Direct Beneficiary Transfers. Microsoft Project Plan was used for planning & JIRA was used for tracking project progress. Status reporting was done on a weekly basis using dashboards as well as showcasing efforts & cost burndown on week-on-week basis maintaining transparency of communications. The project was delivered using Microsoft Technologies, viz., ASP.NET MVC, WCF & MS-SQL hosted on Cloud Infrastructure in Government Data Centre. The major challenges faced in this project were Discovery, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Stakeholder Co-ordination, Payment Gateway (PG) Charges, financial reconciliation as well as securing sensitive citizen & government data along with confidential financial transactions information. Requirements discovery was always a challenge, so, in the first sprint, we engaged our BAs with Product Owner & key stakeholders from each department to identify & compose all epics and document scope for subsequent sprints in each running sprint and get the sign-off from product owner. In subsequent sprints, owing to challenges around common availability of primary stakeholders relevant to specific sprints, we did set up war room pre-scheduled for first day of sprint whereby all sprint specific epics were brainstormed and decomposed into stories & tasks. Since this project was complete transformation from manual to online, BPR was major challenge owing to extravagant set of redundancies, so all common information set across most of the processes were identified in a single go and accordingly, master set of templates were prepared. As numerous transactions were to be triggered from this portal, PG charges per transaction was major overhead to be capped to reduce cost overheads to government on a Year-on-Year (YoY) basis, so we performed extensive market research across all PG providers and identified the cheapest reliable solution provider for PG integration. Considering volume of transactions, we reconciled all transactions in batches & used to batch process the transactions of each day at 03:00 A.M. next day to mitigate reconciliation challenges owing to transaction failures. We secured front end access using multi-factor authentication and confidential citizen/government/transactional data using encryption/decryption algorithms. Thus, we successfully addressed all challenges and rolled out the portal on-time leading to a remittance of $250 million amongst 6.6 million provincial students in its first fiscal year!



Insurance Suite Digital Transformation

We led a major digital transformation portfolio for a leading insurance provider of Canada by migrating their Business Suite of Policy Centre, Billing Centre, Claims Centre & CRM from legacy to Guidewire leveraging complete system enhancements at par industry standards optimizing operational efficiency to a great extent in terms of processing policy quotes, claims and various policy payments as well as optimizing efficiency for ratings management & various credit score integrations as well as Bambora Payment Gateway Integration for accepting payments through Guidewire. We managed multiple releases simultaneously and delivered this program in a span of one year successfully initiating from grounds-up viz., managing product backlog creation with product owners, backlog grooming/refinement, project planning, daily stand-ups, delivery tracking, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Management, Business Acceptance Testing (BAT) Management, Production Acceptance Testing (PAT) Management, security scanning, release management, Change Approval Board (CAB) approvals, Deployment Planning, Production Deployment & GO-Live Communications. We leveraged Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) model effectively in managing various sprint deliveries and were able to meet targets as per client expectations receiving an ALL-STAR for the digital transformation release!



ERP Delivery

We delivered a major ERP solution in Academics Domain for a leading engineering institute of national prestige. We managed the delivery in a mix of both onsite as well as offshore models whereby key management was deployed onsite at client location managing client stakeholders directly and the technical teams of 40+ resources comprising various band-mix of Business Analysts, Domain Experts, Developers & QA engineers were remote offshore managed from onsite using a blend of both agile as well as waterfall whereby entire project planning was done in waterfall model to match client expectations however the internal delivery was managed in an agile fashion in alignment with project phases planned using waterfall approach to meet the aggressive penalty-bound timelines set by the client. We spanned the entire project in proper SDLC project phases spanning a year starting from Discovery, Development, Integration, Show & Tell, UAT, Release Management & GO-Live thereby delivering all major verticals viz., Academics, Student Admissions, HR, Finance & Accounts, Procurement & Inventory Management, Payroll processing & integration, Research & Development (R&D), Events Management along with their individual affiliate lines of operation thereby managing complete integration and delivering the entire ERP solution in one Big-Bang. We co-ordinated well with client PMO & Steering committee teams and inline with their inherent contractual agreements, we managed client subject matter sign-offs at every milestone ensuring all requirements are delivered as agreed upon in discovery phase thereby mitigating any unforeseen scope-creep and protecting our organization from either of the contract-bound penalty clauses restoring organizational faith & confidence in clients’ team at every step finally delivering the ERP solution on custom platform as per agreed upon timelines in delivery contract leading to extreme customer delight!



Condo Kx

Team @ZestXTCorp delivered a seamless user experience website for a leading condominium community of Canada showcasing world-class product demonstration in terms of various condominium parameters like Business Introduction, Interactive Gallery, Core Architecture, Key Amenities & Parking Facilities, Neighbourhood Ambience, Media & Content Management, Leadership & Gateway to Management. This informational website clubbed with power of digital marketing lead to massive lead generations in terms of buyer preferences & rental inquiries yielding exponential sales projections strategically for condominium community.

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